Lifetime wheel warranty and quality guarantee

We are proud of our work, that's why we give a guarantee we can be equally proud of!

We genuinely believe you can't buy a better wheel anywhere else in the world, that's why we will happily provide you with our unrivalled lifetime guarantee on all our wheels from Poetry in Motion and Yourspokes.

Every wheel that leaves our workshop has been built with skill, dedication and attention to detail. We check our work every step of the way to make sure it is compliant with our strict, high-quality standards for craftsmanship and materials.

All our wheels are true to a minimum of 2% lateral and 3% radial play, most are down to 1% or less, with perfectly balanced spoke tension set perfectly within the manufacturers specifications and tolerances.

If given the right, basic care and maintenance, and used for their intended purpose, we guarantee your wheels will stay free from spoke failure and true, for life.

Unlike our competitors, in the unlikely event you do find a problem, just bring it back to the workshop and we will be happy to give your wheels a full service and re-true. If a wheel requires any replacement spokes or nipples we will do so free of charge. And if you are one of our 100’s of customers that live in other parts of the UK or Europe please contact us and we can work out the best options for you.

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